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Proliftic is a student data insights platform that delivers critical whole-child data insights and guidance. Proliftic unifies team understanding and responses using your district's SIS, preferred assessments, and interventions while supporting you with high-touch implementation and unparalleled support.

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A student data management system brings critical, whole-child data together in one location.

Empowering educators through data

Proliftic increases time management and efficiency by coordinating your existing resources, systems, and data. It helps you work smarter with the ability to scale and replicate.

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What districts are saying about Proliftic

Proliftic has allowed us to create our own, one-click reports that are vital to our MTSS work. Teachers appreciate the ease of locating data that informs their instruction as they target specific student needs.
The biggest impact Proliftic has made is with specialists and administrators. In our first year of using it, specialists and administrators have jumped in more readily to test all the different features that Proliftic offers.
Proliftic has been a time saver for so many of our teachers and administrators. Utilizing the one-click reports, they have been able to efficiently identify our students needing targeted academic interventions, as well as behavior and attendance plans.
Proliftic renewed a drive to use the data at hand and inspired staff to be more independent in utilizing the different options. Several of our specialists created their own custom reports.